R&D Capacity

Organizational Structure Research and Design Engineer 4 Total: 12 persons
Assistants 2
Project Manager 1
Structural Design Engineer 2
Test Engineer Engineer and Assistants 3

  R&D capability

Project Design 5~8/at the same time
Structural Design 5~8/at the same time
Test Validation 3~4
Project Distribution
TD-LTE:12,FDD-LTE:10,G/U:8,Microstation and others:6
1、Military Products,500M、350M 、1.4G、1.8G, there are 4 projects in demand
2、China Railway's big demand in GSM-R for anti-interference band rejection filter and band pass filter
3、We continue to deliver in batches and meet the needs of China Unicom's diplexer,teiplexer duadplexer
4、Continuing to optimize the radio and television 700M antenna low-frequency combiner to be miniaturization, or adopt the PCB solution



New Sampling


Machine processing


New product for moulding


Open-molded products